better out than in

Brooklyn Street Art: Had you had much exposure to the street art and graffiti worlds previous to taking on this project? What
To commemorate Banksy's very successful offering to the city and the excitement that ensued with its inhabitants we decided to put together a series of messages left out for him on walls, doors, trucks and fences.
Mysterious street artist Banksy has released what is rumored to be a trailer for a new documentary about his month-long residency
The other bidders, however, remain less than pleased. "I think they used my fax to bid [another] person higher. I felt very
Hard to argue with such deadpan reasoning, but undeterred, and probably enjoying the plain English on display, the reporter
[via Gothamist] A few hours after an inflatable Banksy piece appeared outside a building in Long Island City on Thursday
For more on Banksy's artworks in New York City, check out our coverage of his "Better Out Than In" residency here. "This
Banksy (photo © Jaime Rojo) Admirers posed in front of their newfound Banksy with family and babies and dogs for cell phone
The anonymous graffitist notified the world wide web in a short message posted to his Instagram account, giving hungry journalists
New Yorkers have been repeatedly kicking themselves ever since hearing that Banksy quietly sold his famous artworks in Central Park earlier this month for a measly $60 apiece.
“Are you going to be rich?” That is the first question people ask me upon finding out that in the wee morning hours of October
The results? They sold out. The street artist encountered only three buyers in the time his pop-up shop was in business -- a
He then went on to add: When asked about the elusive street artist during an unrelated press conference on Wednesday, Bloomberg
Banksy continues his month long, plein air exhibition throughout the city of New York with an image all New Yorkers hold
This has to be one of the most disturbing Banksy installations yet. The British street artist, who is currently hosting an
"The whole time he and his buddy were recording," said Aguilera. "His friend was interviewing people. His friend was posing
Banksy is taking over the streets of New York this month, hosting an open-air exhibition titled "Better Out Than In." The
As swiftly as it appeared, the latest Banksy mural to adorn the streets of New York City has been white washed. The first