They put the kibosh on romance because they have the hearing of Doberman crime dogs; they can hear a mouse fart through your dense plaster and lathe walls. The thought of you and their father having sex makes them want to projectile vomit.
Sex-cation is defined as a vacation devoted entirely to sex. Sexcations usually occur over a long weekend, and the couple spend most of their time either in bed, having sex or eating food worthy of photographing. Sometimes, couples take specialized sexcation retreats or workshops.
10. Hold your mate's hand and give hugs freely. 2. Stop thinking that this is a "women-only" problem. If you are going to
There comes a time in every relationship when there's an urgent need to reconnect: when the kids leave, in the aftermath of an affair, or when everything's just got a bit stale. Even couples who felt they were rubbing along quite amicably while the kids were at home are forced to recognize that they've been living parallel lives when the kids leave.
9 Tips For Bringing Passion Back Into Your Relationship 5. Make sex a priority. If everything with your partner seems to
If you're of the male persuasion, reading this article, you're hoping to find answers to why footwear seduces female's imaginations. The long and short of it is you have to get inside a woman's head, not just her pants.
While some reasons seem a little fishy, a few hold true. Let's take a closer look at Anami's claims: Everyone knows records
If you will become intentional about being healthy, fit, agile, sexy, and full of vigor well into your hundredth year of
You could also try Together, you and your partner take a confidential online quiz based on Kinsey Institute
By not sharing your real thoughts about your sex life with your partner, you may get stuck in a pattern of resenting, lying, or concealing the truth to your partner. This can negatively impact a person's emotional well-being as well as slowly erode a couple's relationship over time.