Betty Draper

Certainly, on a superficial level, we can say that all of the major Mad Men characters journeyed forth through significant life changes. But as much as these characters gained scars and wisdom through their journeys, none of them actually changed over the course of a decade.
She overcame that resistance rapidly, as she did her desire not to play more wife-mother combinations. "I had to overcome
Don Draper famously said, "If you don't like what's being talked about, change the conversation." That is precisely what we must do to address the problem of gun deaths and injuries in our nation.
She wasn't the perfect mom. Maybe she was the anti-mom. But I loved Betty Draper for all her contradictions and imperfections. And she doesn't deserve her fate. If you're a longtime fan of Betty Draper, raise your hand! No takers? OK, I admit Betty has a lot of flaws. A lot of big flaws.
The trick of "Mad Men" is that we all watch it and see what's being done so utterly wrong by the characters. We judge them for the choices they make with the wisdom of 45 years of history and change that they could never have predicted.
Now that Betty's story is literally ending, we see her going back to school -- but it is no coincidence that her efforts for self-fulfillment are going to be cut short.
A penultimate hail of bullets: I need a bottle over here. We are really close to the end, and as is so often the case with
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The tragedy of King Draper is that now that he is "ready" (as he tells "Di"), the tough new girl in his life reveals that she is not. She needs to suffer a bit more for her past misdeeds. And so it goes. The heaping mess of karma, born long before Dick Whitman even entered this world, is still inflicting its vengeance on our late-blooming ad man.
Whether all these figures are anti-heroes, or in some cases something else entirely, is an interesting question. As is the question of why anti-heroes are so important in quality television. Short form answer is that they match the times. It's a mostly cynical and sour era, with little faith in institutions or, generally speaking, leaders.
That seemed a little extreme, and, given that "Mad Men" has generally given its female characters nuance and depth, it's
In a sweaty state of anxiety, he's been confronted with many demons whether it be PTSD from the war or memories of his disturbing childhood growing up in a whore house. But he's always prevailed because he's Don Draper and no one can touch him.
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14. How satisfying a snippy comeback can be -- especially when directed at a creep who thinks you're crushing on him. 16
That golden light, that perfect coif, that tantalizing cocktail -- Betty Draper sure knows how to drink her problems away
In this way, Mad Men at last speaks to me directly and, through Sally, to my odd little slice of the Boomer era. We who were
"Peggy Olson, you are the song in my heart." "If I ever start a riot grrrl band, I'm calling it Sally Draper." When season
In one of the early episodes of the fifth season of Mad Men, Roger Sterling asks the question that stated a major theme for the entire season: When are things going to go back to normal?