Betty Friedan

Controversial think pieces aren't the enemy. The real foe of the Me Too movement hasn’t even arrived yet.
I marched for my right to sign a deed to a house or a contract on a car, using my own name
As a young child, I had mixed reactions to the concept of feminism.
It's not the kids who are at fault for "ruining" their mother's lives. You can instead thank a feminist movement that has failed women.
When I arrived at my signing, I spotted a long table with a stack of my books, pens at the ready, and a small framed poster of the book's jacket with my photo attached. It should have been obvious that I was an author doing a signing, but a surreal reality descended.
No celebration of Women's History Month would be complete without acknowledging the extraordinary achievements of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Gilman was the most important feminist thinker in the United States.