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Are celebrities to blame for the childhood obesity crisis?
In this sendup, patients suffering from obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions sing directly
It was a beautiful morning in Long Island City when I visited the headquarters of Frava, a natural energy juice.
But a campaign out of Hawaii chose instead to empower the consumer -- in this case, the teenage consumer -- and has had inspiring
The food and beverage industry has been relentless in Washington lately, more than doubling their spending in Washington during the past three years, completely outpacing public interest groups looking out for children's health.
Here was a woman in her kitchen, with no experience in the beverage category, and she decided to do what was seemingly impossible. The task? She was going to get a slice of the beverage industry.
There are two ways to slow obesity: One, limit where and when simple carbohydrates can be used (it worked in World War II). Or two, tax the consequences of their overuse.
Where'd your morning joe come from? As the world awakens to social responsibility issues, many are now looking for a tasty and ethical brew in the morning. A expert panel gives their picks.
According to the American Heart Association, Americans now consume on average 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, or 355 calories.