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Ribsy by Beverly Cleary In third grade, I could not get enough of Henry Huggins and was thrilled to discover that the final
This did not explain how Bernice, who was not appreciably smarter than Ramona, hoisted herself onto the roof of our two-story
The centenarian still knows exactly what it means to be a kid.
if you have a cool friend and that cool friend brings some weird food to lunch and likes it, you'll probably want to try it.
Products like the Kinect can and will play a huge part in our kids' future development. With it's immersive interactivity, the experience becomes as much about kids teaching themselves as it is about being taught.
In this month's Atlantic magazine, literary editor Benjamin Schwarz delves into the work of children's book author Beverly
Growing up takes forever, and yet somehow we all do. But thanks to Beverly Cleary, we can go back and visit a place where there's a friendly face in the neighborhood and mom or dad to give you a hug when you need one.
That's where audiobooks comes in. OK, they're technically not reading, but it is listening to literature read aloud -- verbatim
Every little sister who's ever tormented her big sister by, say ... baking a rubber doll into her birthday cake (or relished
"Ramona and Beezus," along with all of the other "Ramona" books by Beverly Cleary, remains somewhat sacred for many of those