beyonce halftime show

Beyoncé called upon the spirits of the Civil Rights movement in her most political performance (albeit her only one so far) of her most political single yet. But she herself left out one of the most political symbols of the Civil Rights movement--an afro
Now we just need to conduct a study to see how many of those tweets contained the word "fierce." With 268 million Tweets
PETA also recently criticized Beyonce for the Christian Dior fur coat she wore to President Barack Obama's second inauguration
Hangin' with the girls: The biggest thing to come out of the highly anticipated reunion of Destiny's Child during the Super
Despite the numbers, Beyonce was happy with her performance. “I’m feeling so proud, it was a really beautiful day and I’m
Curiously, the most popular Destiny's Child song of the week was "Say My Name," which was notably absent from the halftime
Roberson was not the only one to offer kind words to Beyonce, Rowland and Williams on Sunday. Luckett also took to Twitter
Full Segment: Beyoncé brought the house down (and took the power with her) during her Super Bowl Halftime show, and Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Lebron starred in the night's longest ad
But perhaps the sweetest congratulations came from the singer's hubby, Jay-Z. The two were spotted wrapped up in a loving
Many newspapers within the U.S. splashed large photos of the Super Bowl on their front pages. Most headlines were electricity