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Almost one year after it scored a sunny H&M commercial, Beyonce's "Standing on the Sun" has hit the Internet in full. The
Could it be? Did a random fan at Beyonce's Norway concert this week manage to collect more details about the singer's mysterious
Beyonce performed the full version of "Standing on the Sun" for the first time during a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, on Friday
Beyonce has yet to comment on the situation as she continues to "run the world" on her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” PHOTOS
Take a look at the neighborhood's cover-up job in the photo below. Do you find Beyoncé's H&M outfits to be too provocative
The "Standing on the Sun" video features a lot of, well, sun. Beyonce is again stationed at the beach, this time dancing
Check it out. Are you digging this Beyonce + H&M partnership? Moreover, would you have any idea this is an H&M commercial
"What makes these [H&M] pieces even more special is that Beyoncé herself had input into the design, and they are full of
Beyoncé continued her world domination today when she unveiled her highly anticipated H&M ads.
We kind of knew this was coming, though -- rumors began to swirl back in January that the singer was working on a campaign