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Little surprises keep a relationship exciting. Occasional PDA keeps the spark alive. Let them know you're thinking of them
2. She makes us cry. 1. She inspires us. 3. She gets acronyms created for her. 9. There are days named after her. Hollywood
Just take a deep breath... caaaaaalm down... don't hyperventilate. It's just a second baby. Just a second, perfect, world
Could Beyonce be pregnant with bey-by No. 2? Quite possibly, if you ask the Internet. Probably not, if you ask Beyonce.
Rumors started running rampant this morning when several blogs speculated that Bey's belted dress at the Met Gala last week
Beyonce and Jay-Z stepped out with their adorable daughter Blue Ivy in Paris today (April 25) -- and she is getting so big! The Carters grabbed lunch at Szptime restaurant this afternoon, spending some quality time with their 15-month-old little girl, who's looking more and more like her famous mommy. Jay-Z was even snapped stealing a kiss from Blue, who sported a T-shirt, jeans and pink-and-black high-top sneakers.
"She's very smart. She's already reading flash cards. She's beautiful," Bey gushed, adding, "She's my road dog. She's my
It's a Beyonce sighting! Much to the delight of Brooklynites everywhere, Beyonce and 14-month-old daughter Blue Ivy made
Beyoncé -- wife, mother, superstar -- got back on stage just three months after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy. In
In the picture, Blue Ivy is playing with a deck of cards in what looks to be a home in the islands. Too cute! Looks like
So which celebrity kids may be invited to Blue's big birthday bash? Let's see ... First off, Blue's cousin, Solange Knowles
Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy! 2012's most-buzzed-about baby turns 1 year old today, and what a year it's been. Between Beyonce's got it's hands on this EXCLUSIVE NEW PIC of Beyonce and her 10 month old daughter Blue. And Blue looks ADORABLE
The couple was recently praised by their "good friend" President Barack Obama, who revealed that they're "down-to-earth folks
In two recent interviews, rapper Jay-Z made his commitment to Blue even more explicit, admitting that he'd rather spend time got some EXCLUSIVE INSIDER NEWS . . . that NO ONE other than those CLOSEST to Beyonce and Jay Z know. Read
Beyonce and Jay-Z may be looking to expand their family and give baby Blue Ivy a baby brother or sister. Read more on