Beyond Meat

Novameat is just one of several startups attempting to 3D-print plant-based meat by using the technology to mimic muscle fibers.
As Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat secure deals with fast-food outlets, we look at how these plant-based burgers stack up for climate and health.
The fast-food giant is testing out a plant-based alternative that it says tastes just like its original-recipe fried chicken.
Sure, they're good for the planet, but what about your body? Nutritionists compare plant-based burgers to beef and veggie burgers, and it doesn't look promising.
Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat could give our planet the break it needs from meat. Even White Castle agrees.
Ratatouille This classic French dish makes the most of end-of-summer farm-to-table produce, including the less-than-lovely
For the handful of companies working to develop plant-based alternatives to meat, finding a hearty stand-in for the humble
NEW YORK (AP) — Former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson is flipping a new type of burger — one made without meat. Beyond Meat
So when the startup Beyond Meat approached me about trying their plant-based "meat" that replicates the structure of animal
The tech world has invested heavily in food companies designing meat substitutes. While consumers express interest in healthy and cruelty-free food, health food advocates have traditionally shunned processed foods. Will food R&D go too far?
I'm making a prediction: America will be vegan by 2050. Sound preposterous? Not if we work together to make it happen.
But how do those claims hold up? After hearing about these products for months -- they'd previously only been sold on the