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The new boss at CBS News, Susan Zirinsky, reportedly thinks the morning news show's four anchors are too many.
The reporter will be working for two major networks at the same time.
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Johnson was highly regarded for his encouraging teaching style and dedication to his students (many of whom spoke little
In the spirit of celebrating the near-conclusion (at long last!) of the mudslinging that has plagued the 2016 presidential election, I've compiled a list of superlative insults uttered by politicians throughout history.
Donald Trump's contradictory claims about his personal wealth and his reluctance to disclose information about his personal finances have been the source of much controversy in the 2016 election.
"I'm not going to pick a fight with Donald Trump right now. But I'm not going to support him either, obviously." -- Canadian
A career Republican, Ron Paul decided to run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988. Although Ron Paul lost the GOP nomination to John McCain 20 years later in 2008, the OB/GYN and Congressman won his House re-election race in Texas's 14th District.
The DNC email hack "could have significant foreign policy consequences," as Edward Snowden tweeted in July, especially if similar operations target U.S. political elections or those of allied nations in the future.
In Washington, political frenemies are a dime a dozen. Of course, some politicians start as friends or friendly acquaintances before their relationship gradually devolves into frenemy territory. This was the case with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
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2009 - President Bill Clinton travels to North Korea on an "unofficial humanitarian mission," negotiating the release of
Making sense of current events on an international scale is a challenge, even for the brightest people. News coverage of
Despite suffering a bad defeat in a debate, Dan Quayle went on to become Vice President under George H. W. Bush. Unfortunately
U.S. State Department officials stepped up this past May and issued a travel alert for all European countries, pointing out
If one thing is clear, it's that certainty is out the window. Could Donald Trump, an anti-establishment populist with no political experience, beat Clinton, a seasoned politician with years in office as New York Senator and U.S. Secretary of State? The answer is, who knows; at this stage very little is outside the realm of possibility.
Luckily, we've still over half a year until the general election: plenty of time to absorb more knowledge on the political
The impact of this massive leak is likely to reverberate for a long time, whether or not changes come about as a result. Here are some of the effects that we are beginning to see as a result.
Of course, the only true creators of Donald Trump are his parents and himself. The actual question is not where he came from, but rather how it came to be that he so quickly and deftly became a Republican frontrunner and probable nominee for the titular role of Commander in Chief.