"Dude has his solar panels aimed to the moon," goofs a critic on Twitter.
I didn't want to stir controversy, particularly at this time of contention in the US. I was simply cleaning house one day. I was bringing in a ladder. The ladder hit a stack of Bibles, literally, and they fell.
What started out as a way to pay the bills has turned into a incredible career for one California man, but it's a job that has him feeling conflicted.
I'm fully convinced that the Malaysian court's decision runs counter to the core values and spirit of Islam. Moreover, I call on the Malaysian high court when it hears the appeal on February 24, to correct what I believe is a tragic mistake.
Of course, many other Christians view Halloween as a harmless exercise in creativity and fun that does not impact their faith
I know you're all pissed off about Terry Jones, the pastor that burned the Koran. You say 'He's so out of line, so insensitive.' Yes, he's a nut job, there's a nut job on every corner. But how about we start judging a religion that decides to kill people when you burn their text?
What we say about the Bible inevitably says something about us -- about what we believe or don't believe, and about the place faith holds or doesn't hold in our lives.
Food, shelter and water are getting attention, but Haitians are also crying out for spiritual resources to help sustain them through the long process of rebuilding their nation and their lives.
Recently, atheist students at a Texas university offered porn in exchange for Bibles arguing, "same diff." Inflammatory, to be sure, but are they right?
Why do so many evangelical and fundamentalist Christians so often disregard two requirements that are central to the bible and to the teachings of Jesus: peacemaking and justice for the poor?