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The latest study carefully examined 16 ostraca from Tel Arad dating from around 600 BCE and tried to determine how many people
Dr. Ben Carson has made lots of controversial headlines this week with his assertion, that turns out to be qute common in certain Adventist/Fundamentalist Christian circles, that the biblical Joseph, of the book of Genesis in the Bible, in fact built the Great Pyramid of Cheops--the one that appears on the back of our U.S. dollar bill as the "Great Seal" of our nation.
What many do not know is that we do in fact have an unquestionably authentic burial shroud from a tomb in Jerusalem that has been carbon dated to the 1st century. Any consideration of the "Shroud of Turin" should begin with a comparison of what we know rather than what we might want to believe.
The image appears on a green glass paten, which is a plate that holds bread for the Holy Eucharist, according to The Local
Clearly, if we take Galil's translation, wine was being brought to the Jerusalem area through official channels and marked
The ancient city of Abel Beth Maacah, mentioned several times in the Hebrew Bible, continues to yield exciting discoveries
Their theory about creation of the image is supported by elements of the historical record, as an earthquake did indeed rock
Lester was completely surprised to learn of the artifacts' ancient history. She told Haaretz that she thought the earthen
Hershkovitz said he has “no idea” whether the newborn found in the jar was sacrificed, “but it is a possibility” because
The world is rich with artifacts that give insight to the people and events mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the Middle
So they did eat, and were filled: and they took up of the broken meat that was left seven baskets. And they that had eaten