Bichon Frise

A fluffy white dog felt no urgency about completing the agility course but won over the crowd anyway.
Flynn triumphed over the more than 2,880 dogs that competed in the world-renowned contest for pure-bred canines.
Smile along as bb the Bichon doggedly triumphs through cold temps, gray skies and seemingly endless snows in this cheery
H/T DailyPicksAndFlicks John Travolta's got nothing on this dancin' fool. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter The second
She ran to the bathroom to wash the mess off her hands. To her dismay, when it was gone, so was her wedding ring.
There is a growing obesity problem in America: Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, but that's not the real crisis: One-fifth of our dogs are fat.
Just like an ideal candidate must fit the nations needs, the ideal White House dog must fit the Obama family's needs.