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The German capital is launching an ambitious plan to build bicycle superhighways and protected bike lanes.
7. Gourmet food in Lafayette, Louisiana Always known as the capital of Cajun country, Lafayette has recently experienced
Research shows that the fall season, when many popular contact sports are in session, is associated, naturally, with a dramatic
Hundreds of EMS bike teams have cropped up across the U.S., giving emergency care to patients in areas with big crowds or
I couldn't believe it -- I had jumped into the pages of National Geographic. I had sprung myself across a rickety makeshift bridge, gaping at a raging river in the highlands of West Papua, Indonesia, and there I stood, mesmerized by a procession of men wearing nothing but feathers in their hair and koteka, gourds, on their penises.
Six months after leaving Istanbul, we reached the eastern coast of China, thus officially crossing Asia with our bicycles. In addition to making friends with farmers, yak herders, and businessmen, we've talked to people we've met along the way about climate change.
In the past six weeks, Lindsey and I have biked across Turkey, talking to people about climate change. While a summary of our impressions can be found in this blog post, what struck us the most is how much new infrastructure -- and especially power plants -- Turkey is building.
Major Cycling Events Continue to Grow: David Harrenstein, executive director of the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association