And why bamboo may be an answer.
The German capital is launching an ambitious plan to build bicycle superhighways and protected bike lanes.
“I know that the air is bad because my head hurts and my eyes water.”
Around the world, air pollution is a major public health issue, responsible for the premature deaths of millions of people
Improving air quality in a big city like Rome is a goal that will pose a challenge to the habits of every resident of one
Participatory budgeting is democracy in action. But is it inclusive?
As it becomes easier for people to summon shared or autonomous cars when they need them, we won’t need as many cars — or
These people were out enjoying or exercising on a beautiful day. It’s a hideous violation.
"People are wanting to live lives in which they are less dependent on a car."
Sometimes the best solutions for the future lie in the past.
Dutchess County also has two popular Rails-to-Trails routes, the 13-mile Dutchess Rail Trail between Hopewell Junction and
Too often, bike-share programs don’t serve low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, focusing instead on more affluent areas of the cities in which they operate.
Yangon has all the right ingredients to become Asia’s most livable city.
Dubbed the Smog Free bicycle, the invention works by sucking the polluted air into a contraption located on the front of the bike.
Geoff Hudspith is bringing steam-powered transportation to the 21st century.