As Swiss rider Nicole Hanselmann closed in on the men in a Belgian race, officials halted the women to let the men surge ahead — again.
There were a couple hundred who participated. The ride started at about 8 am and went for about 6 to 7 miles around Center
In reflecting on my experience of being on a bicycle for one week, I noticed some recurring qualities which were present everyday. As a result my days influenced my attitude, emotions, happiness and ultimately triggered my flow state.
Two important questions remain unanswered when it comes to self-driving cars space efficiency. First, will they be privately
My cyclist patients are not always fit. Yes, their aerobic capacity is impressive. Their quads are ever increasing. But watch them when they get off the bike. For the first minute or two, they can barely stand up. Their backs ache. Their necks are sore. Their hips are tight. They look like the classic picture of abused laborers.
The balance between cost and effectiveness is excellent. The Po Valley—stretching along the course of the Po River in northern
More than 100,000 people have pledged online, and by participating you open the doors to not only helping yourself but also helping the environment with the benefits of cycling.
The novel "rolling entry" allows riders to reserve anytime, January to mid-May and October, when Stuart Hall Cycling is based
I mounted my bicycle, turned my face to the rising sun, hopeful that the road ahead would lead to love.
The best use of a CitiBike is a straight shot up or down the West Side highway bike path. That's a great ride on a sunny day, even on a slow bike whose chain can't decide between second and third gears. Cross town isn't as pleasant.
It's a new strange truth of contemporary life. There are those among us who are immune to accident: safe from slipping on soap, or getting plastered by a passing bus.
And pricing is part of the fan-friendly approach, too. Tickets for the March 18 and 19 series of races start at $10 and top
If you have biked down the Valencia Street Bike Lanes in San Francisco you have benefited from the organizing work of long
"The Paris climate agreement didn't create the commitments we need to limit global warming to a 2 degree Celsius increase," said Laura Tuck, vice president for sustainable development at the World Bank at Transforming Transportation, a conference in Washington, D.C.
I'm proud of my colleagues from The Nature Conservancy who are in Paris this week, working to change the world. But we can't