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Internal emails reveal how a Texas-based property rights group worked behind the scenes to steer Gov. Pete Ricketts' crusade against the "30x30" initiative.
The president’s drug control strategy will emphasize harm reduction.
A coalition of former National Park Service employees is lobbying President Joe Biden to safeguard several sites rich in natural, cultural and historical resources.
As President Joe Biden stays silent on cease-fire between Israel and militant group Hamas, dozens of Senate Democrats are calling for a temporary halt of violence.
The statement suggests North Korea might perform additional launches or even test a nuclear device as it tries to increase pressure on the Biden administration.
Some big changes may be in store for Obamacare, depending on any action – or lack of action – by Biden, Congress and state officials.
"Why in the world would the U.S. intentionally seek war with Russia?" the Fox News host asked.
A misunderstanding of harm reduction programs coupled with a Republican-led misinformation campaign led to a viral storm.
How much good news would it take for Joe Biden to shake his bad poll numbers? Probably more than this.
Reporters Matt Lee and Ayesha Rascoe appeared to take officials by surprise when they did their jobs by asking for evidence to back government claims.