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Biden was accompanied by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (pictured at the right). The Associated Press reports on the new
The Community sounds off with Alicia on the Vice Presidential debates, how congress cut funding for embassy security and James Moore's take on Lance Armstrong.
HANOVER, N.H. -- Vice President Joe Biden took the stage to the cheers of roughly 1,300 students and local residents at Dartmouth
The Associated Press reports on the more mature and substantive content of Biden's speech: "I promise you, the president
On Israel, Biden said Obama has stood firm in support of the Jewish state - often alone and facing criticism from other allies
Mr. Biden has settled into a role of what Mr. Obama compares to a basketball player "who does a bunch of things that don't
Vice President Joe Biden made a joke Wednesday at the expense of Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who flubbed his
"He didn't move away from Delaware," Obama went on. "Instead, day after day, month after month, year after year, he came
Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), however, declared himself "pleased" with the choice in a statement. He added that "there are few
WASHINGTON - The day before Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s birthday last week, Barack Obama surprised him after lunch with candlelighted
That label followed him closely during his first run for the White House in 1988, even though, at the time, Biden had been
The McCain campaign's newest television advertisement, released Friday morning, goes straight after Barack Obama's readiness
Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden assured a crowd of donors in Lincoln Park Tuesday night that he would handle
In an ad airing in Northeast Pennsylvania, Joe Biden tries to make Barack Obama more familiar to working-class voters. He
2008-08-23-shaw_biden_afgh.jpg Biden is one of the few liberals that could pull off a scene like this. Too bad American politics -- especially under GOP rules -- is so much about manhood, but that's how it's played.
***Update*** A large, near-capacity crowd has gathered for the first official Obama-Biden rally: Related: Obama Chooses Joe
As Sen. Barack Obama closes in on his running mate pick, one prospect with clear momentum is Sen. Joseph Biden Jr. Even difficult
Saying that he knew the Illinois Democrat well from their time together on the campaign trail, Biden said of Obama, he "has