The "Weekend Update" co-anchor sings the praises of the bidet for nearly 3 minutes.
Would you guess that the product recommendation I struggle with most in my consulting practice is toilet paper?
I came, I saw, I "bideted." And neither the maid nor I will ever be the same again.
While he didn't have the most flattering debut, Dermot Mulroney's Russell ended up redeeming his character by the end of
I realized that by wisely moderating water use, trees can be saved with better cleaning achieved. You'll be saving paper and greening the planet in a basic way. Go for it!
Looking for the weirdest, wackiest products at CES 2010? We've got 'em!
From recycled paper fibers you can only make the rougher toilet paper, which means ever more trees (including some old-growth Canadian forests) are being cut to - softly - wipe our butts.
Despite being chemically treated, sewage water is still rife with birth-control, anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals we once ingested.