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Let's consider BYU's likely exclusion from the Big 12 another tug on the sleeve of church leadership. Appealing to the moral goodness of our leadership to become more Christlike and change the anti-LGBT policy hasn't worked. Perhaps this will.
"It's probably unrealistic to think that these kinds of things are never going to happen."
Will the Big 12 conference expand from 10 to 12 teams? There will be a meeting on this issue in a few weeks, with a possible
When I was at the point of giving up on my latest book, Brand New Man: My Weight Loss Journey, I called Nocera for advice. Fifteen minutes of his insights got me on the right path and the book will be released next week.
"When they become employees, there is a lot that goes with that."
Given the high rate of sexual assault by athletes, colleges have an enhanced duty to ensure that athletes are not given special privileges exempting them from federal legal mandates. It is high time that athletic departments and colleges enforced Title IX, fully.
Delon Wright vs. Tyus Jones is the best guard matchup thus far FICTION -- Eleven-time West Coast Conference Coach of the
The March Madness Tournament is the light at the end of the tunnel for college basketball teams and winning their conference secures their team a spot in the big dance.
This is a terrific time of year for fans of college sports as March Madness takes center stage. But big money, national fame and institutional pride too often overwhelm the best intentions of educators.
One of the main reasons people tweet from the wrong account is because they mix personal and business accounts all in one app. The easiest way to solve this problem and from what I've found most effective is to use two different apps for business and personal use.