big baby

A typical American baby weighs 7.5 pounds, according to What to Expect, making Avery nearly twice the size of the average
Born at 38.5 weeks, J.J. suffered respiratory problems and was "blue and floppy" when he was delivered, his mom says. He
"He's a little miracle. Well, big miracle, really."
Orlando Magic forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis was understandably gloomy following a 23-point thrashing at the hands of the
Biggers babies might look cute, she said, but the trend is dangerous for two reasons: Large babies are harder to deliver
While they discovered that the baby's genes, or genes shared between mother and child, certainly contribute to high birth
Wendi Dolton says she too was a big baby, and weighed more than 10 lbs. at birth. She said doctors had to break her shoulders