big bang

“Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started,” academy member Ulf Danielsson said, quoting “The Big Bang” theme at the presentation in Stockholm.
South Korea’s high-living “Great Gatsby” has been named in the operation of a prostitution ring.
South Korea's high-living "Great Gatsby" has been named in the operation of a prostitution ring.
Incredibly powerful telescope will look back in time toward the Big Bang of creation.
They knew that the apparent mass of the electron changes when it moves through a crystal, like silicon or quartz. So maybe
Scientists confirmed what Einstein had predicted 100 years ago and what once was thought impossible — the existence of gravitational waves. For this week's Talk Nerdy To Me, Karah Preiss spoke to the researchers behind the discovery and what this means for understanding (and listening to) the Universe.
While BURST is not the first computer code to simulate conditions during the first few minutes of cosmological evolution, it can achieve better precision by a few orders of magnitude compared to its predecessors.