Big Bend National Park

This range of elevation and the diversity of landforms is a truly remarkable experience, uniquely offered at the Big Bend National Park in West Texas!
The falling sun in west Texas. Image credit: Jonathan Irish Texas may be the Lone Star State, but there are 2,000 more stars
The frontier land in the desert, the last bit of North American soil and rocks, the tall cliffs is where the greenish Rio Grande calmly slithers against the massive mountains separating the two lands, Mexico and the USA.
Next year, in August, the National Park Service will celebrate its official centennial. Throughout the year the men and women who bear the title of United States Park Ranger will honor themselves, and those who preceded them, for 100 years of service to protect the greatest collection of natural, historical, and cultural wonders anywhere on Earth.
The last thing we expected to see on the lonely two lane black top in the heart of SW Texas was a Prada store. Upon close inspection, we realized we were looking at an art installation, the first sign of the quirky avant garde art community in the nearby town of Marfa.
Upon going home and doing some research, I learned that the minimalist artist Donald Judd fled the New York art scene for Marfa back in the '70s, and slowly established it as an arts destination that was now enjoying serious notoriety. But as a Texan myself, I had not gotten the memo.
Veer off the main road, take pleasure in not being on a cramped, full flight, and let your car do what it was made to do. With the right car, the right company and the right attitude about the journey, the behind-the-wheel world is your oyster for the summer.
There's not a fancy spa within the park's boundary and you won't run into massive tour buses clogging the roads; it's a park for those who want to get off the paved path and explore.
In a lot of ways, Marathon is nothing like Marfa. The town's population has seen a population decline since the 1900s. Now
Every year around this time, I remember a brief encounter I had in 1973 with a ticket agent at the main bus station in San Antonio, Texas.
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Ecosystems and wildlife don't understand immigration laws. So it was heartening this week to see the U.S. and Mexico formally recognize a transboundary ecosystem.
August 15th-16th marks the last in a series of three fee-free weekends to many United States National Parks. Here is the