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Former first lady Michelle Obama was awarded for her work helping children at the “Sesame Street” 50th Anniversary Benefit Gala.
The beloved show celebrates 50 years in 2019.
Clearly, none of them has the faintest idea how to get to "Sesame Street."
The puppeteer was also the man behind Oscar The Grouch.
With help from "Sesame Street," "Dinosaur Train" and "Arthur."
The live show - Elmo Makes Music - a simple tale of a new music teacher who moves into the neighborhood before her instruments
If this video strikes a familiar chord, there's a reason: In March, Animal Robot posted this video of Earl Sinclair of "Dinosaurs
Spinney was initially hesitant to share that aspect of his life. He told LaMattina and Walker all the stories people want
In a special, D.C. supermarket edition of comedian Billy Eichner's frantic game show, FLOTUS competed alongside Big Bird
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Five things you don't know about Bob McGrath on the 45th anniversary of 'Sesame Street.'
Rejecting dozens of heroic characters, from Captain America to Underdog, Republicans last week chose instead a villain for their figurehead.
The radio station was an unremarkable brick building encircled by palm and fruit trees. My intention was to use the airwaves of a local broadcaster to launch a journalism career after spending too much time as a disc jockey.
The "Sesame Street" gang stopped by "The Colbert Report" last night, the night after appearing on "Late Night with Jimmy
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Oscar the Grouch Your unrelenting drive has been known to leave behind a wake of destruction as you press forward toward