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"8810 Tampa Avenue" 26 x 33 inches, oil on aluminum, 2015. HH: What are your philosophical differences with Rackstraw Downes
Primary care encompasses the very services for which other developed countries invest more health care dollars. Denmark, France
I stood in line at Target to check out. Dozens of people in front of me and I am wishing now I would have taken a picture. There, dozens of customers standing in line with their phones, asking and showing the cashier if they would match this price, discount this that and the other thing. T
Now I have a lobster pillow and a faux-coral sculpture I don't even understand. The only reason I didn't buy a lamp is there was no room in my cart after the f*cking pillows.
Indeed, supercenters still represent the bulk of Walmart's business. As of Oct. 31, the retail giant had 3,871 supercenters
The end of the big-box store era may soon be upon us.
That's partly because online shopping has made it much easier for people to find whatever they want at a cheap price, so
Why are we now burning so much more fossil fuel to move retail goods? There are multiple reasons, but many of the most important factors are rooted in the rise of Walmart.
Abandoning this vision would have a long-term economic cost for the city. According to an analysis by city officials, Walmart's
They used to house fast food and discount goods, but now...
Though recent news hasn't been good -- record drought in the Southwest, the precipitous decline of Monarch butterflies, the extermination of top predators that keep our ecosystems healthy -- my recent trip to Australia made me feel more hopeful than in a long time.
The person serving mini-tacos samples showed complete politesse when I circled back for the fifth time.
Mr. Gray, instead of looking at the "full impact" this bill would have on large corporations, maybe you should look at the "full impact" this would have on the citizens who elected you. You represent us, not Wal-Mart and Costco.
Land-use policy is one of the most powerful -- and underutilized -- tools communities have for steering the evolution of their economies. With the global corporate economy rife with hidden costs and consequences, more communities would do well to take advantage of it.
Small Business
The unintended consequence of the giant chain stores' victories was the total destruction of local economic networks, that is, Main Streets and downtowns, in effect destroying many of their own livelihoods. We can get that all back, but it won't be a bargain.
Naturally, bargain hunters everywhere went nuts. One shopper scored over $2,500 worth of Amazon cards with the deal, according
He's looking for a job with a big company that operates chain stores, or a property management company (who do you think bought up all those foreclosed homes?)
According to study conducted by Bloomberg, Target's prices were cheaper than Walmart's by 0.46 percentage points in August
Los Angeles
It's been a back-and-forth battle over the Walmart proposed for downtown Los Angeles' Chinatown. However, to the dismay of
I haven't totally changed my belief about supporting independent businesses, I'm just more open to the idea of what "local" really means.