Big Data

Facebook took a full year to reply to an initial subpoena, a court filing said.
Regulators start to pump the brakes on Big Tech's advertising dystopia.
Remembering Equifax, Uber and all the other data breaches of the last year.
The tech giant has proven time and again that it doesn’t deserve our trust.
“If you’re an American, your information probably was exposed," said the researcher who found the breach.
Experts at Harvard discuss the latest on big data and information technology.
During the last week, Pat has shown a 6.3 rate of response in class, with a score of 75 on the Hendrix Orientation Scale
Critics offer a number of ways to rein in the social media giant.
Consolidation, network effects, behavioral science and widespread tracking make it nearly impossible.
Today the Center for Open Data Enterprise is pleased to announce the launch of the SDG National Reporting Initiative. Visit