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"People are still scared of working with a gay artist, but I'm pushing through regardless!"
At a time when so many QPOC have issues internally and externally with visibility within our black and brown communities-at-large, it is such a gift to see a gathering of people ready to stand together in fun and solidarity.
After accruing a number of published pieces, Balin decided to establish her own PR company in the early 2000s which focused
This week, Big Freedia, the rapper featured on Beyonce's "Formation," pleaded guilty to receiving government housing assistance
"Formation" celebrates identities that once sparked shame but now inspire pride.
Christmas with all it's glorious pageantry lends itself perfectly to drag. So pairing it with America's premier drag superstar, RuPaul, is something like the second coming.
AFROPUNK Fest, America's best Black alternative music and arts festival, is coming to Atlanta, and it's a big deal. The two-day festival is an Black alternative music virtuoso's utopia. The famed Brooklyn-rooted festival will make its 'Dirty South' debut on Saturday, Oct 3rd in Atlanta's Central Park.
Big Freedia is shaking up the music scene and is making gay and straight people around the world want to get hot and heavy with his electrifying, booty-shaking beats and sexually charged lyrics. Make no mistake about it, the Queen Diva is all man, but embraces his femininity and sexuality like no other on reality TV.
Saying that the Bounce music scene "definitely connects all different walks of life" much like rap or hip-hop, Freedia told
Some people pursue therapy in a private and traditional sense: a licensed professional, a couch, and paying for as many hours as they wish to discuss their life. Big Freedia isn't one of those people. She finds his therapy in front of a nationwide audience, lights, and cameras via the hit reality TV series, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.
This coming weekend, September 12-14, over 100 LGBTQ artists and performers will descend upon Austin, Texas for the inaugural Stargayzer Festival -- an epic 3-day queer music & arts mega-fest, previously unmatched in scale.
Big Feedia's reality series, “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce,” is currently Fuse's highest-rated show. Her sentiments echo
Robert Plant was in fine form closing out the stage at Saturday's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, with Phish jamming across the track for hours. From Led Zepplin classics to thoughtfully curated covers, he did not disappoint.
Check out the full HuffPost Live segment with Big Freedia here. Also, if you're interested in catching the Queen of Bounce
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RuPaul, the queen of all queens, just released a new music video for the single "Peanut Butter," which features rapper-musician