Big lie

“They’re not going to f**king succeed.” In a new book excerpt, Gen. Mark Milley said he was afraid that Donald Trump would try to use the military to stay in office after losing the 2020 election.
President Joe Biden pointed to his predecessor’s false claims of election fraud as proof that the U.S. needs new laws to protect voting rights.
The president pointed out that many of the bills in statehouses restricting voting have used as justification Trump’s debunked claims of a "rigged election."
The president will push Democrats’ voting rights bill in Congress while accusing Republicans of basing new voting limits in the states on Trump’s election lies.
According to The New York Times, failed ex-President Donald Trump has been telling people that he’ll be back in office come August.
County weighs defamation suit after Cyber Ninjas auditors claim a database was destroyed. County officials say they were simply too inept to find it.
Liz Cheney called on Fox News to denounce former President Donald Trump’s election lies, saying the network has an “obligation” to do so.
The House Republican leader gets blasted after attempting to redefine "free thought."
“I was wrong about Ted Cruz.” Sen. Ted Cruz’s former running mate, Carly Fiorina, criticized her former ally for selling out to Donald Trump.
"The GOP has attempted to rebrand itself as a populist pro-workers party, but it's all a giant fraud.'