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The nether realm, as constructed in Jennifer Haley's eighty-minute drama The Nether at MCC, is a demon world of evil and imagination.
Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn joins Nancy in-studio to discuss her career.
There is no word yet on when the miniseries will debut. This will actually be a return to the small screen for Black, who
Wait ... The guy from "Entourage." He's been my acting coach since 1982. We covered a lot of ground -- movies such as "Aliens
Without revealing too much of the plot of Sweet Land of Bigamy, I will say that it is a true blessing to live in a time, and a country, where a woman, even in fiction, could marry two men and when found out, not immediately led to the gallows.
Perhaps the current popularity of characters leading double lives simply reflects a pervasive consciousness that we are all involved in a spiraling project whose purpose is to con each other.
So you felt ambivalent about the ending? Well, a little bit ... The guy was really a revolutionary like Jesus Christ was
It's easy to wonder how one person (or, in some cases a small group) can talk others into a blind adoration. That's probably why cults are such popular subject matter for the big and small screen alike.
But what remains striking throughout this journey across America are the similarities at the core of the spiritual experiences.
Before Bryan Cranston was cooking up meth as Walt White, before Zooey Deschanel played Jess, the most enthusiastic girl in
I've been trying to be not-so-Mormon for some time now. I never go to church. I drink wine. I use bad words. But I break out into a cold sweat if my library book is overdue.
Fall season premieres have been airing for the past week, more to be aired in the next few weeks, and a popular theme this fall is sex positivity.
Sharing a single home requires a lot of give-and-take. One issue that became contentious when we were remodeling the kitchen
In the film, Pitt will play a journalist documenting the aftermath of a bloody zombie-human war that took place a decade
Sunstone began in 1974 as a magazine exploring "Mormon experience, scholarship, issues and art." For nearly 40 years, it's been a major forum for independent Mormon thought.
The project had been met with intrigue from its onset; now, though, some are second-guessing whether it is so controversial after all. Mormons have even reportedly been fans of the show.
The production is hardly a surprise attack by the nose-thumbing partners. It could be said they're going after Christianity as a whole with the appearance of a slang-spouting Jesus in a lustrous blond wig.
A fond farewell to actor Michael Gough, a fine character actor who appeared in numerous genre films, ranging from Horror of Dracula (1958) to Sleepy Hollow (1999).
Welcome to last installment of Wife Watch!, the blog post that will name, once and for all, the most powerful wife on Big Love.