big pharma

Thousands die from hepatitis C every year, even though we have a nearly foolproof cure. A new plan would change that.
"If it steals your sex drive, maybe it's stealing your soul," Tucker Carlson said recently of SSRIs.
Rep. Kurt Schrader’s deviations from Democratic Party leadership — and his coziness with Big Pharma — came back to haunt him.
The decision to back Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) drew criticism from progressives who support his challenger, attorney Jamie McLeod-Skinner.
States agreed to sign on after the Sacklers kicked in more cash and accepted other terms, including apologizing.
The celebrity surgeon and Senate hopeful has vowed to take on drug and medical device companies — which have paid him handsomely over the years.
Corporate donations, not electoral fears, appear to be motivating obstructionist Democrats.
TV ads sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and unions claim that a bill empowering Medicare to negotiate lower prices would destroy union jobs.
Rep. Jake Auchincloss’ objection to a key element of Democrats' prescription drug bill shines a light on the pharmaceutical industry’s enduring influence on Capitol Hill.
The company said it will offer commonly prescribed medications with discounts to its Prime members.