big tech

Anti-monopolists are blaming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for the demise of two bills aimed at limiting corporate power.
Three moderate bills aimed at reining in Big Tech excesses have bipartisan support, but industry leaders have gone to great lengths to stop them.
Rightwing lawmaker claims he learned of "sexual improprieties" at bureau headquarters from mystery "whistleblowers."
Progressives and Republicans alike are pressuring the Senate majority leader to schedule a vote on legislation cracking down on big tech.
Google wants Jonathan Kanter to recuse himself from DOJ’s antitrust case against the company.
Frances Haugen's testimony before Congress signaled that the era of the Big Tech whistleblower has most definitely arrived.
The Trump-loving senator used an iPhone to make a Twitter post promoting his anti-big tech book on Amazon.
“Thanks for making The Tyranny of Big Tech a best seller all week on Amazon!" the Missouri Republican tweeted about his book.
The senator's name was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.