Big Time Rush

18-year-old Ciara Bravo, who in her younger-teen years built a big following as Katie Knight on the Nickelodeon hit Big Time Rush, is carving out her own path to the next level.
Kendall Schmidt is going on tour! The Big Time Rush star is taking his band Heffron Drive on the road. Kendall joins us to explain why he's stoked about the tour, and what surprises he has in store for fans along the way.
Have a question for Kendall? Ask him on HuffPost Live here. Schmidt and Dustin Belt will kick off their tour in Houston on
Henderson also noted that, even after they met him in person, Ryan still didn't want the cameras on him. "What a cool kid
Big Time Rush join Nancy on set to talk about meeting the author of a letter to Santa that went viral.
Though we do not know the fate of Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" yet -- it has not been formally announced whether season
As I'm sure you all know, the guys of Big Time Rush have been getting a lot of buzz lately from the recent kick off of their summer tour to the highly anticipated release of their new album.
It seems like forever ago when Rushers first got a sneak peek of BTR's new song, "24/seven," but good news: The Nickelodeon
Back in March, Big Time Rush stopped by HuffPost Live and talked about filming the fourth season of their self-titled Nickelodeon
Ever since Big Time Rush spilled details about their upcoming album, Rushers have been (not-so) patiently waiting to find
The better you eat, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the happier you are. Happy, nutritionally satisfied people think more clearly and in turn, make the world happier place.
Rushers and fans of the music also have the opportunity to play a much larger role in determining which songs become hits
Have you ever been jealous of your favorite TV characters for having such easygoing attitudes about life? Now that finals
Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or opting out of the Hallmark holiday, one thing you can’t avoid is discussions
Despite her character Lucy being upped to a series regular role for Season 2 , TVLine is reporting that the "Prime Suspects
“I have a lot of younger fans, obviously the choices I make often influence them. But having said that, it’s kind of the
Girls get excited –- we recently chatted with Big Time Rush and you’re going to love what they had to say in our exclusive
"We are definitely all shirtless for 90 percent of the video," Carlos dishes. "We go to Maui and basically just have the