big tobacco

Tobacco giant Altria is "feeding into the fears of Black folks" and "taking advantage of the climate of demand for social justice," said one civil rights activist.
Philip Morris International is rebranding itself -- quite successfully, it would seem -- as the solution to the health crisis it created.
“We aren’t waiting for Big Tobacco to tell us what is in their products,” the Democrat said.
Even Mitch MConnell, from the big tobacco growing state of Kentucky, has pushed for a federal bill to do the same.
The measure would not apply to e-cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco
The restriction aims to prevent marketing tobacco to children.
The senator wants legislation and a hearing to address pharmaceutical companies' role in the opioid epidemic.
From slavery to snack food, sugar has ravaged Caribbean and South American nations. Is it time for reparations?
A new anti-smoking campaign is the result of a major lawsuit win, but it also shows how much power the tobacco companies still have.