Bigelow Aerospace

"There has been and is an existing ET presence. I spent more than anybody else in the U.S. has ever spent on this subject."
Both Genesis habitats are 14.4 feet long by 8.3 feet wide (4.4 by 2.5 meters), with about 406 cubic feet (11.5 cubic m) of
Because of the SLS payload capability, future science spacecraft will be able to carry large propulsion systems and more
Dula and his partner are self-funding the company. While he wouldn't disclose how much they've spent, Dula said it was "in
Recently, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told 60 Minutes that the reason he seeks to develop spacecraft is to save humanity itself.
We who are only a blink of an eye beyond the discovery of fire can wonder "Why space?" or even "Why are we here?" To those of us who know, it is obvious: We are here... to go there.
The company has a production facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada, to manufacture the habitats. Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters
Although it was government that led the first wave over the barricades of gravity, it is now the people who are taking on the work, and all hands are needed.
In the battle for the Frontier, the stakes are whether the United States will lead the world into space or relinquish itself to second world status by repeating the failed policies of the past.
Four years from now, the company [Bigelow Aerospace] plans for real modules to be launched and assembled into the solar system's