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Bike commuting is inherently good. It's good for the environment by reducing traffic congestion and pollution. It's good for the body by way of exercise and good for the mind by pumping more oxygen to the brain in preparation for the workday.
As we've grown, and as we've evaluated the progress of our key projects, we've often been frustrated by not being able to confidently answer two of the most basic bicycling questions: How many Americans ride bikes today? What are the key trends in participation?
How was my weekend? Loaded question, but thanks for asking. I actually had a very relaxing weekend. Obviously I needed it. Why obviously? Oh, had you not heard? I bike to work now. Like, every day. Twice a day if you're being specific.
The Smart Wheel by FlyKly Bikes is a motorized bike wheel that can fit on almost any bike, instantly turning a regular bike into an electric one, opening up the options of who can bike commute, where, how far and in what terrain.
Electric bikes, which have motors attached to them, were meant to solve some of those problems, but often end up being prohibitively
In all, 19,147 Chicago residents — 1.6 percent of commuters — say they use a bike for the longest part of their daily trip
With LA having just elected a new Mayor, the timing feels right for putting out some transportation and planning ideas that can help make LA a more livable city.
The key advantage of traveling by bike over working out at a fitness center is that most people find it easier to do. Instead of vying for scarce free time with many other fun and important things, exercise becomes something we do naturally as part of daily routine.
We are two weeks into 2013 -- have you stuck to the New Year's Resolutions you made to be a better cyclist this year? Whether your bicycling bucket list includes a century ride in your neighborhood or an epic cycling tour in Italy, here are six ways to be a happier, healthier and sexier cyclist by making these New Year's Resolutions.
In a two-wheeled state of mind, asked nine notable New Yorkers to share their favorite bike rides, and how they think the new bike share will change the city.
Spring's arrival means the growth of many things: plants, animals and a preponderance of people who are newly commuting by
I decided to check in on Portland, Ore., because it rules when it comes to bicycle commuting. No other city comes close. I
Biking to work may be difficult for Americans who have long commutes and live in isolated areas, but there's a lot to be
I picked up full time bike commuting again in the absolutely worst time of year. Fortunately, however, I'm lucky to have stellar cycling facilities at work that make commuting through the rain and dark a bit more tolerable.
Bicycling to work or the store means not only taking responsibility for improving your health and saving money, but also helping your community and your nation.
From Bicycling Magazine: From fatter wallets to smaller waistlines, more Americans than ever are discovering the benefits
The survey found that cities where bike commuting is most prominent tend to be mid-sized college towns, and are mostly located
Plenty of people--including us--will gladly tell you to get out of your car, and get on a bike: You'll winnow your carbon
If you are happily cruising in the bike lane using nothing but your own human power, the guy or gal whizzing by you at top