bike safety

A crash that killed five cyclists in Michigan has activists calling for streets that are safe for everyone.
"You don’t have to be a reporter divorced from humanity."
Parents should encourage our kids to wear them. And we should set the example of helmeting up ourselves.
Get a tune-up. Bike accidents can happen due to equipment failure. If your bike has been sitting in storage or your garage
Many drivers find bicyclists vexing at best and infuriating at worst. I've had passengers in cars throw banana peels and water bottles at me as they have passed.
Many cities have transformed their roads to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety. What started as an experiment in Times Square in 2009 has become permanent.
By 2025, we want Americans to take five times the number of bike rides each year that we make today. For this to happen, bike infrastructure will need to improve. We'll need five times the current number of protected bike lanes.
Booze and bare heads are still extremely dangerous. Alcohol and riding without a helmet "have been and continue to be major
The Helmet-Hard Facts What started in the 70s remains true today: wearing a helmet makes riding safer. That may be why half
I'm not a cyclist. Which is why my 400-mile bike trip was more of a learning experience than the athletic endeavor I'd imagined when I agreed to ride from Manhattan to Montreal. But from the four flat tires, two skinned knees, poison ivy and collection of nasty bruises, I learned some valuable lessons about the sport.
San Francisco clothiers BetaBrand recently introduced a line of shirts with three meters of retroreflective yarn sewn into
The laws against drunk driving are fairly clear. Most people know the dangers and have seen the campaigns warning the public of the consequences. But what about bicycling under the influence?
Check out this bike safety video from 1963 -- would you feel safe riding in this video?!
When a moving 4,000-pound car hits a moving 25-pound bike, the outcome is always ugly. When a 180-pound bike rider slaps the hood of a nearby car in frustration, the outcome is usually ugly, too (though hardly of the same magnitude as a collision).
On the way back I was reminded of how little regard both motorists and pedestrians have for cyclists. These near misses and behaviors motivated me to highlight the following safety reminders for cyclists maneuvering in a city yet to fully embrace our presence on the road.
"Part of the challenge in making this work is that some of the technology necessary to having this function at an ideal level