bike sharing

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In an effort to clean up cities while boosting the fitness of their populations, the U.S. Department of Energy as well as
Research shows that most bikers are from low-income, minority communities, so why are they left out of bike advocacy?
Parents should encourage our kids to wear them. And we should set the example of helmeting up ourselves.
Long considered one of the greenest places in America, The Emerald City recently ramped up its commitment to a clean environment by introducing a new bike share program.
What seems like a fast-rising trend is really the result of decades of work by many people, communities, and visionaries who believed that the simple bicycle could be an economic, environmental, and quality-of-life panacea for modern society.
For example, bike sharing could lead to more people using public transit, and then possibly renting a bike to get to work
Bike sharing is providing a high-profile opportunity to work with industry on sustainability issues. The success of this deal could lead to other opportunities as well.
Thanks to an exploding food movement over the past 10 years, more food than ever is now being grown in backyards, rooftops, vacant lots and abandoned factories throughout Chicagoland.
The experience of having a bike to use when and where I want, for unlimited use, and for a yearly cost of just $95, defied the notion that nothing can get done that works well in a city as complicated as New York.