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A handful of frowny faces dot the remainder of the sign, one of which is helpfully identified as "Dad" next to a drawing
Huffpost Editor's Bike stolen in front of office building. Thief caught on surveillance camera.
'Simon Jackson' (an alias) faced exactly this situation. But when he saw his stolen ride being advertised on Craigslist, he
Would you stop a man visibly attempting to jack a bike with a crowbar? Neistat, whose past videos include the infamous Zuccotti
Other than getting hit by a car, the biggest fear for the urban cyclist may be getting their bike stolen. WATCH: The brave
I'm not sure we can condone this type of perseverance, but there's definitely something for criminals in training to admire
Dateline NBC reporter Chris Hansen is well-known for his hard-hitting reports on pedophiles, but he's getting attention for
Omar Aziz started stealing bikes when he was 17 and carried on until he finally weaned himself off crack cocaine at the age