The actress rocked her two-piece swimsuit with an empowering message.
If Instagram offers any indication, high-waisted bikinis are still the swimsuit for choice for the summer season.
The singer, who's dating Channing Tatum, said she still doesn't "know the difference between lose and loose."
One-piece swimsuits and bikinis to keep that bridal vibe going.
From flattering one pieces to plus-size bikinis, here's your guide to swimsuits for every body type.
Fabiana LeFleur warned the suit has little support in the bosom, so wardrobe malfunctions are "inevitable."
PARIS -- The burkini ban made authorities and the republic they represent look ridiculous. Yet at the same time, the matter is complex.
It can be intimidating when you see celebrities flaunt their bikini bodies, but are you ready to be committed to the wellbeing of your body as they are?
It is certainly every woman’s right to wear what she wants.
Those living outside or in temporary shelters are usually barred from borrowing books from regular libraries because they
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Sure, it may not happen today, or even tomorrow. But sometime during the next three months, you really should try putting a bikini on that growing belly and memorializing it for eternity.
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I stand behind the images I post on LinkedIn. There are companies that use images that are far more provocative than mine