bikini waxing

"I need a bikini wax but I feel like I should wait for my epidural because THAT IS GENIUS???"
Hair is one of the most natural things in the world. It's nature's way of protecting us from our surrounding environment and sometimes even from infections. Every mammal has it, so what's all the fuss about?
Sixty one, and waxed for the very first time... (sing to Madonna's Like a Virgin). Why has it taken me years to join this private ladies' club (or read backwards, a club of ladies' privates)?
9. Regret "It's as easy as ripping off a Band-Aid. Just a really long Band-Aid." Facebook user Rachel Lucht 3. Self-Assurance
"I recommend that all guys try this," one said. "Not to look sexier, but to understand what women have to go through." Own
While dating pressures have often forced us to keep things tidy "down there," we love that Diaz has reminded us that it's
What are the cautionary signs of "down-there" grooming gone wrong? Depending upon what went wrong with your waxing service
Women have hair on their legs. We have hair on our armpits. And on our pubis. And in a thousand other places. We're hairy, the same as men. And that's real. A reality that women, pressured by one another, insist on hiding.
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And the truth is, no matter the aesthetic trend, pubic hair is there for a reason. "That part of the body is meant by nature
I'm taking a cue from Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech and outing myself: I'm a bikini waxer. Read more on The Frisky
The lesson I learned is this: I am a wuss when it comes to pain, especially in that area. If I am going to endure that sort
This blog was prompted by an ill-fated wax experience in Buenos Aires.