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Plus: Why are women still doing Bikram yoga?
While disgraced yoga guru Bikram Choudhury hides out in Mexico amid allegations of rape and harassment, women all over the world are still giving him their money.
Bikram Choudhury was ordered to pay $924,500 on Monday to a former legal adviser.
My thoughts are more constructed and meaningful. My delivery becomes more authentic, poignant and relevant as a result. My confidence is strong and secure. I am patient. I didn't change -- I sloughed off the things that changed me, and it revealed more of what makes me who I am.
So if you still feel inclined to spend thousands of dollars on one of their saunas, don't expect to rid yourself of toxins
It might be paranoid to say that Yoga is out to get me, but Yoga is out to get me. I might be exaggerating. I actually adore Yoga. But here are just a few of my Yoga incidents. I can't bring myself to talk about the one hot Yoga class I took.
The court compared copyrighting yoga to copyrighting surgery.
Now, the concept of "going to the gym" has been increasingly overshadowed by niche fitness classes. All of them promising to be the best workout you will ever get on planet earth. These classes also come with pretty package incentives, which are absurdly overpriced and can hardly be considered motivation to join.
They walk among us -- those agents of change. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of who they are. Take note of five luminous entities that strive to make the world a better place.
I tried hot yoga and I tried Bikram. I found the reasons I thought I wouldn't like it weren't what I expected. In the process of trying, I learned more about myself, my practice, and why any of it really matters to me.
Follow HuffPost Healthy Living's board Body And Soul on Pinterest. Yoga is here to stay. The $27 billion industry saw a 29
There's unrest brewing in the world of yoga. If you watched ABC's Nightline last week or read the story in Vanity Fair last month, Bikram Choudhury, the eponymous Guru that helped transform the bodies of housewives and college grads with liberal arts degrees, is under pressure.
Before we begin, I know there are lots of tonics, miracle vitamins, hormone therapy, cleanses and diets that have claimed to be the Fountain of Youth for those of us past age 50. So before you suspend belief or stop reading, check out this recent photo of me.
"Yoga-related injuries." The phrase sounds ridiculous. I've been backcountry skiing, diving with sharks, and this is how I get injured? Who does this?
She boasted about the benefits, claiming it "encourages healthy living," blah blah blah. Sure, why not? I have nothing to lose -- except maybe the extra pounds acquired from too many baguettes and cheese.