The New Jersey senator went viral after firing off a side-eye glance during the first Democratic presidential debate.
"I’m always the last one to yell ¡Wepa! Forever late to my own identity."
If you think Spanish is a foreign language in the United States, think again.
If you thought Spanish was a foreign language in the U.S., think again.
"It is a necessity to raise our children with our roots," she said.
It is a challenge in raising a bilingual child to provide an environment where he or she can be equally exposed to both languages
I wonder why it is that his bilingualism is being celebrated while the bilingualism of the Latinx community continues to be policed and denigrated.
Montreal's French-Canadian identity is hugely significant in making Montreal Montreal. Toronto has much to celebrate, and I do not wish to detract from that. But Montreal's wonders are utterly distinctive and frankly unique not only in Canada but globally.
Not only is this ideal a question of effort and study: some have been born into two languages and cultures. Some people have
Believing in both does not cancel out one or the other.
The word on Jhumpa Lahiri was she had moved to Italy and, after a few years of immersing herself in the language, was going to write in Italian. Had I heard this news about one of my fellow, white American, middle-class novelists, I would've shrugged and said, "Knock yourself out."