bilingual education

Located in a county beset by MS-13 violence, the Patchogue-Medford school district has revamped bilingual education and staffing.
This happens in two important ways. Dealing with the unknown With the help of an instructor, students can critically think
Apparently, it is impossible to forget your native language completely, which is good news. Whatever your child learns during
It is a challenge in raising a bilingual child to provide an environment where he or she can be equally exposed to both languages
We don't want drought-filled California to become famous for diminishing yet another valuable resource, do we? The global
Back in Florida, where I normally live, I was tutoring a young man from Mexico as part of a program that the Literacy Coalition
The curriculum teaches 10 to 15 short phrases and vocabulary words each session.
I live in a schizophrenic household. Two languages, two cultures, two sets of swear words. In our marriage of 40 years, my French husband and I have lived daily between two worlds. We lived in his country, and in mine. We worked in his country, and in mine.
To address this, let's first establish how children learn new words through defining vocabulary breadth and depth. Vocabulary
Join us and make history on this Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 at 9:30 am. in the Multipurpose Room of The American School
In the early fifties, as a young boy, I crossed the Atlantic aboard a TWA Super Constellation propeller airplane, from Madrid. After many hours we landed at Idlewild Airport in New York. A tallish, thin, blond young boy reached America and immediately felt at home.
This article aims to provide educators with five fundamental strategies to promote linguistic cross-pollination among students in dual language classrooms. These recommendations are drawn largely from the Center for Applied Linguistics.
Universities looking to ensure their students have the skills to succeed in a 21st century workforce should take a look at their foreign language departments as one means of accomplishing this objective.
The ability to speak other languages is sorely needed for our national security and economic success. Yet, speaking another language is viewed unfavorably by many Americans who fear a weakening of our national character. Consequently, this unique strength is daily losing its vitality.
This school year, New York City is expanding its own language-immersion programs to 40 additional schools, which means the Big Apple now has about 150 bilingual public schools.