bilingual students

“You get less benefits the older you are when you learn the language, so that means it makes very little sense to block use
Did Hemmingway's foreign language abilities help him write books like The Sun Also Rises and win a Nobel Prize in literature? Research suggests it certainly didn't hurt. Creativity, though, is ultimately what you make of it.
What’s even more troubling to Piñon is such an edict flies in the face of research that shows the educational and economic
Similarly, studies show a Spanish-speaking student benefits from continued study of home language as it relates to becoming
Time and again it has been demonstrated that if students' own discourse and knowledge, their assets and strengths, are acknowledged and allowed inside the school door, they do wonderful and important learning.
"She did not apologize," the girl's mother, Tanaes Washinawatok, told the Gazette. "What she has done is try to justify her
Think College Now teachers invite parents into their children’s homerooms for a half-hour each morning to read to their children
The study found that in most surveyed districts, a child is administered the CELDT if their parent or guardian included any