bilingual students

Considering a bilingual education benefits all students – Latinos, African Americans, whites – Carter remains hopeful the
Did Hemmingway's foreign language abilities help him write books like The Sun Also Rises and win a Nobel Prize in literature? Research suggests it certainly didn't hurt. Creativity, though, is ultimately what you make of it.
Invariably, such behavior is a byproduct of xenophobia, which Piñon said remains prevalent in our culture. She points to
However, there’s overwhelming research that suggests skeptics are employing the wrong analogy. Limiting bilingual education
Time and again it has been demonstrated that if students' own discourse and knowledge, their assets and strengths, are acknowledged and allowed inside the school door, they do wonderful and important learning.
The diocese's Director of Education Joseph Bound told the Associated Press that there exists a need for cultural diversity
“It’s working,” said Virginia Castro, an energetic young principal who took over the school four years ago. “I think it’s
Most four- and five-year-olds who take an English proficiency exam before kindergarten are bound to fail the test, according