To do it successfully, you need to think creatively and have lots of support.
On Election Day, Californians cast their votes for diversity and multiculturalism by passing Proposition 58 -- a victory
Children don’t magically become bilingual overnight.
When my son was born six years ago I had to make a decision what to do with his language development. Both his dad and I
Apparently, it is impossible to forget your native language completely, which is good news. Whatever your child learns during
It is a challenge in raising a bilingual child to provide an environment where he or she can be equally exposed to both languages
It's time to reconsider what it means to be bilingual.
I wonder why it is that his bilingualism is being celebrated while the bilingualism of the Latinx community continues to be policed and denigrated.
I've been living in Palo Alto this year, doing a stint as a Fellow at Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute and conducting
Now that I am a writer, I am awestruck by those who possess the facility to translate works of literature. How do they do it? Is the translation a new, separate work of art?