bill ackman

To paraphrase from the New Testament (Matthew 9: 24): "[I]t is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than
Trust is the foundation of American capitalism. Unfortunately, many activist investors have damaged that faith. The staying power of activists will depend on whether they are able to regain our confidence through sustained financial performance, heightened innovation, and greater long-term investments, not just immediate gains.
Hours before a negative story hit the press, two large options trades were made.
Now Burger King is asking us to swallow something even unhealthier than their food and lower than their pay. They are asking us to let them off from paying many of the taxes that sustain the very infrastructure, courts, education system and food safety system that enables them to stay in business.
Her story reminded me of my son's, and really brought home the idea of pursuing your passion. There is no greater reward
Ackman's long-standing acrimony with JCP's board has not only distracted the company from concentrating on its business, but also damaged the market's confidence in JCP.
After two previous failures in the retail world, Ackman was determined to make this one work. The result: a painful 17-month transformation attempt defined by nosediving sales, enraged employees and the ousting of the chief executive.
As the CEO lost the trust of the rank-and-file workers, Ackman became unable to convince the board to do his bidding, according
No one seems to want to run J.C. Penney. Less experienced executives will be much easier to convince to take the job because
"They want the freedom to run their business as needed and don't need a Wall Street hot shot messing around with everything