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Barack Obama revealed his frustration watching the GOP try to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
In rural Kenya, hundreds of people suffer from a flesh-eating disease called cutaneous leishmaniasis. Right now, the only treatment is a weeks-long course of excruciating injections, forcing many to seek alternative medicines.
It's called Africa United and it combines two of the things I enjoy most. Just as Heads of State from across Africa signaled
Through the 23andMe one can get to know their genetic make-up by sending a saliva sample in the test tube 23andMe provides
The New York Times has a lot of chutzpah. The Times, like most major newspapers in America, has been deeply complicit in
Professor Robyn Norton is the Principal Director of The George Institute for Global Health. She is the lead author of the
The shortcomings of our K-12 system carry over into the postsecondary years at considerable cost. We still have too many instances of social promotion where high school diplomas go to "graduates" who can't do third-grade math.
The Vast Right-Wing Anti-Clinton Conspiracy is now operating at full steam, pushing the theory that Hillary Clinton is liable to drop dead before she can even take office, because she is so ill. How do they know this? They don't.
Over the next few weeks, millions of children across the country will spontaneously take part in a quiet, private ritual. Just before bedtime on their last night of summer vacation these students, like generations before them, will carefully select and lay out their first-day-of-school outfit.
The gross underrepresentation of women in computer science is not just a problem for the girls who are left out. It's a problem for all of us, because we're not benefitting from the creativity girls have to offer.
For most countries, improvements to immunization data can be made now simply by improving collection and analysis efforts
My colleagues and I at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are looking closely at what goes into a thriving DFS market. We're
When we donate to nonprofit organizations that lift up women, we can be assured that our philanthropic investments will generate dividends for entire communities.
Working Technology With a Human Touch is a free, online tool created by Phi Theta Kappa to aid community
It could be argued that gun violence is a public health issue. But, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not studied gun violence since funding was stripped some 20 years ago due to lobbying efforts by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which feared that research would be used to advocate or promote gun control.
Three recent stories about Charter Schools and the school deform movement should make readers ask, "Is this what they mean by school reform?"
To those attempting to evaluate we caution that measuring the effect of a community-based intervention is not straightforward
A recent editorial suggested that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been characterized by hubris. It has hedged big bets, hoping its efforts would succeed. It's also suffered failure and for that it's been criticized as having exercised too much influence over education policy.
The Gates Foundation has done remarkable work across the globe. How about taking some of your formidable resources and bringing them on home to America's children and communities?
The Gates Foundation has committed $80 million to gathering robust and reliable data.