Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Barack Obama revealed his frustration watching the GOP try to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
The Gates Foundation has committed $80 million to gathering robust and reliable data.
Even though I've always made a point to talk to all three of my kids about my work at the Gates Foundation and my commitment to advocating for women and girls, this conversation felt special. Jenn asked great questions, touching on everything from my experience balancing work and being a mom to whether I'd ever treated my son Rory differently than my daughters.
Five bucks helps provide a month's worth of lifesaving medication.
On World Polio Day, advocates celebrate that polio cases have dropped by more than 99 percent in less than 30 years.
Gates got 9/10 on this quiz about the world's most pressing issues.
Perhaps the best part about KITE, from a consumer perspective, is that it's super easy to use. You simply place a colorful sticker on your clothes, and the device blinds mosquitos to your very existence for the next 48 hours.