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He cut off a supporter who had termed Barack Obama an Arab, but there are reasons why he needed to step in.
Birtherism wasn't the only conspiracy he pushed.
Hillary remains upset that Trump wants to torture the terrorists, rather than inform them of their Miranda rights. How odd
In 1965, Carl Oglesby assumed leadership of the student-activist organization SDS. This change reflected what I believe was an ideological shift in America's left wing: from the East Coast intellectual tradition to the New Left emerging from the Midwest.
“This is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America,” vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin cried out
Banned from attacking Ayers? Not at all. Palin's assault was scripted by the very "elitists" and the "brainiacs in the GOP machine" she continues to malign.
"What it got us was a list of these scandals," Palin said about the "self-censoring" done by the McCain campaign. "This is
"I think my relationship with Obama was probably like that of thousands of others in Chicago," Ayers said. "And, like millions
Take over these schools. Occupy them. Sit in. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We built these schools with our taxes, our labor, our commitment to students and communities. They are not just playthings for overfed business dilettantes.
I have to admit that I was once seduced by the idea of Barack Obama.
FLASHBACK: Joy Behar defends Sarah Palin on 'The View' Below, video of what Palin had to say on Fox News on Tuesday night
The spectacle of Donald "Trumping the shark" is so post-ironic that mere irony doesn't stand a chance. When Bill Ayers joked
The creator of the infamous fake Twitter account, donated his reward to Young Chicago Authors, the subject of the powerful new documentary, Louder Than A Bomb.
I'm convinced that unless something changes dramatically, the end of public education in America is inevitable.
While Ayers said he was not seeking emeritus status, but said he thought the board made a mistake in not granting it. A spokesman
"It will be more than a ripple because he's made a significant mark here," Chou told the Tribune. "He's been really a very
In court Monday, Lanker and Ayers attorney David Lane of Denver said security concerns have been overblown and the university
Another big week of news in Chicago. Pat Quinn finally got a running mate! And it's exactly who he asked for. Also, Bill
William Ayers's new book To Teach: The Journey, In Comics is part autobiography, part education reform tract, and entirely enjoyable to read.