Bill Baroni

Bill Baroni, an ex-Chris Christie ally convicted in the Bridgegate scandal, is was ordered to be freed from prison pending an appeal before the high court.
By Sascha Brodsky Christie fired Kelly last year after release of an e-mail in which she told Wildstein it was "time for
Bill Baroni, Bridget Anne Kelly and David Wildstein waited for the first day of school. Read more on The New York Times
Christie, who has yet to decide whether he will seek the White House, was seen a few months ago as one of the top Republican
According to the review, Kelly had grown dependent on Bill Stepien, her predecessor as Christie's deputy chief of staff. The
Five Christie allies have been fired in relation to the Bridgegate scandal, including the governor's top Port Authority appointees
Whether or not he knew or was personally involved in the bridge scandal, any Christie presidential hopes should already be down the drain.
While Christie and his administration originally maintained that the closures were due to a traffic study, emails released
The worst thing that can happen to a politician is that a scandal breaks that reinforces the existing narrative. In this case, it's really not a surprise that Christie's now battling accusations of bullying.
A New Jersey political payback scheme exploded into a full-blown scandal Wednesday when emails revealed ties between Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) office and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official who maneuvered a catastrophic traffic jam in September.
Christie Official Blames Closures On A Traffic Study. Wildstein's boss at the Port Authority, Bill Baroni -- another Christie
But when reached on Wednesday, he was furious about the new revelations. Christie's spokesman did not return a request for
Last week, Christie said the controversy was "not that big a deal" even though reporters were "obsessed" with it. According
"I can only tell you what Sen. Baroni has said publicly and to everybody in this office, which is they believed the traffic
"National Democrats will make an issue about everything about me. So get used to the new world, everybody," he said. "You
The Wall Street Journal reported that the closures were ordered without notifying police, emergency officials or officials
Contrary to popular belief, New Jersey's same sex marriage equality legislation isn't dead yet. There are five Democratic Senators voting no. That means at least three Republicans are needed to pass.